Problems At Work offers the following services

Confidential One-to-One

For any individual with work related problems. Analyses the problem and identifies the reasons – the first step to improving the situation. Provides one-to-one technical, constructive and impartial guidance in a confidential and relaxed environment, including contact via telephone and email.


Get advice to ensure your employer is following the rules and regulations. Careful assessment of all the details relating to your case. Employers can be unfair, discriminatory and inaccurate and this will affect your job security and possible compensation.

Disciplinary, Grievance and Dismissal

Complex company procedures and confusing employment legislation makes this a minefield for employees, usually at a very stressful time. Every aspect of your case will be assessed. Documents and letters can be prepared for your specific needs, guidance is available at every stage, even when you are in a meeting.  Any mistakes or breaches that your employer has made will be found and exploited. Don’t expect help from your managers or HR and don’t expect them to be fair and follow the rules.

Bullying at Work

Bullying is one of the most common problems in the workplace and one that can be devastating for the victim.  Most victims are frightened, anxious and unwilling to complain about being bullied.  Most employers try to ignore and deny the problem.  Most ‘investigations’ are inadequate.  The employer tries to protect themselves rather than the victim.  Most victims either end up sick or resigning, which leads to further problems. Dealing with this problem requires sound advice and a careful approach. With professional help you can address the problem, resolve the matter and change your life.


Dealing with a tribunal is complex, time consuming and requires experience. Without a carefully prepared case, most individuals don’t even get to tribunal. Employing a lawyer can be financially crippling. With professional guidance, advice and experience, you can take your claim to a tribunal and have a good chance of gaining justice and compensation.

Settlement Agreements

This is where the employer offers to pay the employee an amount of money in order to end the employment, without further risk of being taken to a Tribunal by the employee. The employee waives their rights to further action against the employer in a legally binding contract.

It is a complex process and often relies on the likelihood of the employee’s case being good enough and prepared well enough to win at Tribunal. It is the employee’s choice to accept a settlement or not. If the case results in a settlement, 10% of the settlement fee paid to the employee will be charged by Problems at Work.