Company History

Formed in response to the number of client cases involving serious problems at work and the profound effect that this has on work performance, individual health and well being. Problems include: redundancy, disciplinary, grievance, performance / productivity, bullying, discrimination, equal pay and much more. There is a proven link between problems at work and stress, depression, incapability, absence and resignation.

Addresses the lack of HR/ Personnel expertise evident within most organisations. Many companies remain seriously negligent in their ‘Duty of Care’ towards the employee. Employees face a procedural minefield and complex employment legislation leading to problems, injustice, illegal and unacceptable practices.

Provides a one-to-one confidential service, guiding the employee through every stage of the process, with the aim of empowering and enabling the individual to address the problem with accuracy, confidence and knowledge. This includes full assessment of the employee’s situation, reading of any documentation pertaining to the case, employment law and HR advice, preparation of documentation, writing letters on behalf of the employee and providing step by step advice at every stage.

Assists employees to avoid stress related absence and resignation, both of which have short and long term consequences that most employees are unaware of.

Addresses each case on an individual basis and offers guidance in accordance with current employment legislation.

Problems At Work also provides HR / Personnel expertise within small to medium size companies. We implement, adapt and develop procedures to ensure that companies comply with current legislation and get the best from the workforce.